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Media variety of 2018 / single bookings / packages / ad specials

1) What are the advantages of the 2018 media?
The media (trade fair ' Das Messemagazin', Online catalog and E-Mailing) offer excellent possibilities to successfully present your company, products, destinations and brands and decisively increase your transactions and contacts. The website assists the visitors to prepare their show attendance perfectly in advance. The list of exhibitors on with the linked exhibitor website is used as an important research tool and provides year-round search possibilities for your company, brands, destinations and products. With your entries you are able to create an additional platform for the presentation and marketing of your products and best sales opportunities year-round.

The media help you to achieve your goals:

Your advantages
  • optimally prepared visitors
  • targeted customer contact
  • extensive information opportunities
  • individual presentation
  • standing out against the competitors
  • higher exposure
  • easily established contacts
  • more visitors

Your benefits
  • higher profile
  • improved image
  • intensive follow-up business after the show
  • increased turnover
  • sustainable success for your company

2) What is a basic entry?
Your basic entry is an obligatory part of your trade fair participation - as in article B3 of the trade fair conditions. The media fee for 130 € contains the basic entry which includes publishing of the following data:

  • Your exhibitor name with hall/booth no. in the trade fair ' Das Messemagazin', Online catalog and app
  • Additionally, your company address, phone and linked internet address, e-mail address and fax as well as 3 entries in the list of product groups. Further exhibitors in the exhibition range travel have 3 entries in the list of destinations in the Online catalog and app.

3) What are the advantages of the Plus Package?
The Plus Package is a cost-effective combination of entries in all 2018 media for your successful and comprehensive presentation. All services of the Plus Package assist you in finding your trade show booth easily, having optimal information and presentation possibilities, so that you have a heavy visitor traffic at your booth, generating new customer contacts, and achieving transactions and orders.

4) What are the advantages of the Premium Package?
The Premium Package guarantees, compared to the Plus Package, an even more successful and comprehensive presentation on the website and in the ' Das Messemagazin'. The advantages of the Premium Package, in addition to the advantages of the Plus Package, are a prominently placed company and product presentation, year-round information about your product range, eye-catching presentations of your latest products, sustainable expansion of your customer base and your business contacts, as well as an intensive follow-up business after the show.

5) How can I most effectively promote my innovations and highlights?
With your Multimedia XL-package in the trade fair ' Das Messemagazin', Online catalog, E-Mailing you present your trade fair innovations prominently on the landing page of the Online catalog. Additional your multimedia advertisement is published on the first pages of the magazine!

6) I would like to book a Premium Package or Multimedia XL-package, but don't have product images yet. Can I hand them in later?
Of course you can send us your product images later. They don't have to be available already when booking a Package. If your range of product is changing, you have the possibility to exchange your product images and text year-round. This service is free of charge!

7) In which formats do we have to send our logo?
In case you wish to have one or more logos for your entries in the media, please upload them in your personal booking tool, send them via e-mail to or send them by post on data carrier to:

jl.medien GmbH Media Services
Inselkammerstr. 5
82008 Unterhaching

We need your data in one of the following formats: tiff, eps, bmp or jpg.
For the trade fair ' Das Messemagazin': 4c, at least 25 x 16 mm, 800 dpi.
The size of the image will be stipulated by Media Services.

8) Which formats do I have to take into account on creating an advertisement for the trade fair ' Das Messemagazin'?
Please consider the following formats for your ad in the trade fair ' Das Messemagazin':
  • Small ad on top of the hall plan: 76 x 50 mm
  • Large ad on top of the hall plan: 160 x 50mm
  • Inside front covers, back cover, 1/1 page: 170 x 225 mm
  • Multimedia Advertisement: Key Visual 300dpi.; up to 600 characters text (including spaces)

Please send us your ad in one of the following formats: Xpress, Freehand, Illustrator, PDF. 3 mm bleed on all sides.

9) How can I be found in the alphabetical list of exhibitors under a further name or letter?
When booking online, please indicate under which letter/keyword you would like to be listed in the alphabetical list of exhibitors. Should you wish to have an entry under an additional letter/keyword, i.e. a brand name, please indicate under 'Entry under additional name' or just sign in the favoured letter under 'Keyword for sorting'.

10) How can I be sure that my online booking is correct?
After having booked online you will receive a confirmation by fax or e-mail. In case the entries indicated are incorrect, please send the confirmation back to us with all necessary corrections. You will receive another confirmation with all your corrections.

11) What if I do not know my ID number and password?
If you want to book online, you have to enter your ID number and password to log in. You can find your ID number and password in the e-mail, which you have received from the project team of In case you do not have them available, please send an e-mail to

12) How can I place bookings for my co-exhibitor?
After having registered for 2018, every co-exhibitor receives an ID number and password of his own. In order to place an online booking for your co-exhibitor, you need to know his ID number and password; just contact us in case you do not have it available. Then proceed according to your own bookings. Please note that the entries for co-exhibitors will always be invoiced to the main exhibitor.

13) I don't get along with the online booking. Can I send you my data informally?
Of course you can send us all the necessary information for your entries by e-mail to or by fax to +49 89 666166-19. We will send you a confirmation with an overview on your entries and the costs, on which you can make corrections if necessary.

14) How can I get an overview on the costs of my bookings?
If you send us your order forms in written form, you can add up the costs of your bookings at the end of the booking phase. If you book online, you will get an overview of all the costs before you send your order. After having received your booking, we will send you a confirmation by fax or e-mail which contains again a detailed overview on the costs of your bookings.

15) I have made a mistake, can I still correct my online booking?
You can correct your online booking as long as Media Services is not processing your order. Your order is blocked while Media Services handle your data. You can modify your entries again, after having received the confirmation.